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Hi! I'm Alena, welcome to my tiny corner of cyberspace. 

I'm a writer and comms specialist living on the north coast of Northern Ireland. My bread and butter is writing stories about food, farming, creative spaces and inspiring folk. For over a decade, I've worked in PR and as a writer for independent magazines internationally, including Pellicle, majestic disorder and Refinery29.

My eclectic editorial and multimedia experience includes projects focused on food system change, cultural identity, sustainability and environmental advocacy.

I also work as the Communications Manager for the Nature-Friendly Farming Network, a UK-wide network for thousands of farmers who are farming in ways that reverse biodiversity loss, tackle climate change and preserve our landscapes. At the NFFN, I create campaigns to amplify the voices and experiences of regenerative farmers across the UK. I oversee the NFFN’s presence in the press and media and create impactful narratives on how nature-friendly farming benefits people, farmers and our environment.


I'm passionate about creating sustainable social and environmental change and I've been involved in local food growing projects in Northern Ireland.


I was a finalist in the Mogford Short Story Prize in food writing and a Young Writer Delegate for the Irish Writers Centre and Irish Literature Festival Dublin.

IG: @alenajwalker​

Drop me a line 💌

alenajwalker [at] gmail [dot] com

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