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Alena Walker

My writing has been published by 91 magazine, Considered, Excalibur Press, Refinery29, New River Press, Capital, New Zealand Herald, Viva NZ, majestic disorder, The Quarterly and Turf & Grain, among others.

I'm experienced in PR & communications, working with independent businesses, sustainable clothing & lifestyle brands and charities within youth & community wellness sectors.

I write about spaces, places, faces, culture, media and sustainability. My work has been published online and internationally in print, covering subjects far-ranging in tone and depth, from the emotional importance of Doc Martens to the symbol of the hijab in Moroccan youth culture.


I was a finalist in the Kering Award for Sustainability. My creative writing was long-listed in the Mogford Short Story Prize 2020 and I'm a IWC/ILFD Young Writer Delegate for 2020.​


My prose & poetry was published in New River Press 2019 and in arts & culture magazine, majestic disorder.

IG: @alenajwalker

(Awful at Twitter, but still hold bitterly to an empty profile @alenajwalker) 

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